Hi, I am Didi Miles.

I'm your resident photographer here at Natural Approach Photography. 

  • We are a multi-cultural family owned business.
  • We are the heart of inclusive - we want all the love and all the beauty here.
  • I'm 40-something.
  • Living the suburban Seattle life.
  • I’m a farm girl from the Camas Prairie in the heart of Central Idaho
  • I am entirely WAY too loud & silly.
  • I will ask you to do crazy sounding things... in even crazier looking places.
  • Coffee is a food group in my house.
  • I have 2 AMAZING college age kids, 2 two adorable dogs & 1 giant horse.
  • My husband of nearly 3 decades is one VERY understanding man. 
  • I'm so grateful to live in the diverse culture & the incredible beauty of the PNW .
  • I strive to capture the moments you didn't even know you missed- but wouldn't dream of forgetting. 

 Soooo.... now you have some idea of who I am... Let's chat and have some fun!

Bring me along on your journey and celebrate the moments you live in!



“Over the years your pictures have captured our family perfectly! You began to create beautiful photos for our 4 generations in 2006! Your joy and love of what you do is contagious and brought genuine laughter and smiles to all of our faces! When my mom was near the end of her life, the session you did with our family gave us some of my favorites. In short, your work is magical and I'm so thankful for you!”