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$500.00 +

L&D can be a complicated web of joy, pain, relief, frustration and exhaustion!  Having a good support system is key and having someone there to document your birthing process ensures that your partner and medical/holistic staff can strictly dote on your physical needs.  Having a photojournalist there is the best way to be able to remember and view your experiences in a bird’s eye sort of way.  I strive for a modest but very organic and real view of your labor and your baby’s birth.

Being a part of a family’s birth is one of the highest honors I’ve been given aside from the birth of my own children!  I am not opposed to helping spare a partner or doula for a break, holding hands, bracing feet or bringing you a cold wash rag…. it’s all part of the process.  I’m typically on-site with you for 4-7 hours depending on how your labor progresses.

 ***Payment in full is due at the time of service. No exceptions.

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