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What should I NOT wear?

Large prints, neon colors and Items that are too short- i.e….super short skirts and dresses only work when you are standing up! Stiff overly straightened/styled hair and super heavy make-up will detract from your natural beauty- be yourself!


What should I wear?

You should wear what makes you feel good and is flattering for your body shape.  Solid color or micro print tops, straight leg/wide leg jeans/ trousers tend to be more relaxed and sharp looking than tight/fitted jeans.

There’s no substitute for clean make-up and soft natural hair!  Make-up that’s somewhere between everyday & prom with hair that’s soft and movable.


Coordinating groups

If you are have photos done with multiple subjects, you can approach this in a couple of ways.

Choosing a color family that suits your skin tone and the surroundings will look best. A good rule of thumb is wearing shades in the same hue,  or to go with complementary colors.  The easiest way to achieve a cohesive look is to choose a plaid or a floral print shirt/skirt/dress- and pull your other outfits- based on that color pallette.  Keep that as your one print- and build with solid colors for the rest of the clothing and accessories.  Avoid lots of print!!!  {Or at the very least- large prints.}  If one person has on a print, that adds some texture…. if everyone has a different print- it competes and takes away from your beautiful faces.

{ You definitely do not have to all go out and purchase the exact same shirt!}

Going with natural Earth tones has a calm, easy, relaxed feel.  Think beach colors of washed out blues, greens, lavender and sand.

Wearing all black/white has a strong, more formal look.

Going big, fun, funky and playful… wear big bright shades and everybody in a different color of citrus/tropical.

Keeping it simple- really is the best rule.


How many outfits should I bring?  

It depends on your session.  Seniors, beauty and Boudoir- I suggest you pack a  bag- bring 5-6 outfits- we’ll typically have time for 3-4 but I will style you when we meet because I will be inspired by you and the items you bring with you- and that will help form the ideas of how/where we will shoot.

Family sessions usually one look {*unless you can Superman change to the second look}


Where should we shoot?

Again- this depends on what type of session you are looking for, the weather and what look or era you are going for in your images.


Do you have a studio?

I do have a small studio space at my home in Lake Stevens.  It is geared for individual portraits, toddlers and newborn photography.


Can we have our family shots done with my son/daughter’s senior portraits?

This is a question that I am asked frequently and I respectfully say “NO”… and this is why…..

Your son or daughter’s Senior Portrait session is their coming of age photos.  This is their time to shine & show off their individuality- and it’s so very awkward to do when you have an audience.!!!!

This is likely the last time they/you will have professional photos of them until their wedding so you want to make it a special event for them.

High School students tend to be more relaxed when it’s just them and me talking and shooting.  And while a whole family is awkward…. one parent or a good friend  is always welcome to come with to help them change, hold things, fluff hair and make them laugh and feel relaxed.

I am happy to schedule a separate session for family photos with special pricing since you would like to do multiple sessions in the same month.


Can I post these images on-line?

Of course!  We love that you want to share your beautiful images with the world!!! Please use ONLY the watermarked web ready versions. This protects both of us, and gives track-back to Natural Approach so that your friends/followers can come and give us a try as well!  The watermark makes it more challenging for others to have prints made,steal or use your images. If you are going to publish these images on-line or in print, please give credit to ©Didi Von Bargen-Miles/


How many images do I get?

This number varies slightly with the type of session. But for the most part, I have found that 12-15 images has been the magic number.

It is hard to pare down an entire session into 12-15, but when you do- you have a made a conscious decision as to exactly what images are the most flattering and that you truly LOVE! And by making those choices, you have a deliberate plan on how you’ll use them.  Whether you are scrapbooking with your images (this is more than enough for several pages) or planning a wall collage (anything more than this number looks rather shrine-like) and for seniors…. you need ONE perfect shot for the yearbook, and you’ll likely have 4-5 favorites that you’ll hand out to friends and include in your announcements…. so you will see that while 12-15 seems like an impossible number to reach… it turns out to still be more than you will likely need.


But you used to give so much more…. 

I did- I used to give clients many, many more digital images, but clients have loved this switch over the last year as they had been too overwhelmed in years past by the choices of too many images… so they sat on a disc or computer and never made it out to be displayed.

I want you to further make artwork out of what we shot together!

You also receive a sub-file with a watermarked version that has been prepared for the web.  These are the images you are welcome to use on social media.  They are sized correctly and the watermark protects you as the end user from unauthorized use or printing of your images, and me as your photographer.

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