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Hi!!!!  I am  Dioncia Von Bargen-Miles ~ your resident photographer here at Natural Approach Photography.  

I go by “Didi”, but I also frequently answer to Di, Mrs. M, Mom, Momma, Babe and Sis… 

I’m 40-ish.

I’m a country girl from Central Idaho -raised by hard working farming/ranching and logging family {…which makes ME a work-o-holic with no filter}.

I do still work a day job.

I am entirely WAY too loud, silly, and crazy.

I will ask you to do crazy sounding things… in even crazier looking places…..go with it- it will pay off- I promise.

I love anything sparkly {or green}.

I could exist entirely on premium vanilla ice cream- {don’t listen to my Dr…. He assures me that my plan won’t work…}

I love coffee, red wine and chocolate about as much as I love Oxygen. Gifts of these are always appreciated- and if Momma’s happy……everyone wins.

I have two Puggle dogs named Marshall and Lillie-they are too adorable for words.

I have one really super awesome and handsome hubby named Ron.

I have two daughters Onika and Gabrielle…. {15 & 13} who are….Hands down the most delicious slices of Heaven that the Universe could have ever handed me.  

I dig sports- A LOT… and we are dedicated to chasing our kids 8.5 days a week to multiple events and practices.

I love the diversity of the people and the incredible beauty of the Puget Sound  and the awesomeness that comes with living and shooting in King and Snohomish Counties.

I live crazy, laugh big and love huge!  I have so much fun- I LOVE my life and LOVE what I do!!! 

I love capturing the moments you didn’t even know you missed- but wouldn’t dream of forgetting.  Bring me on your journey and celebrate the moment you live in and show you the beautiful you may have missed in the mirror this morning-

 And…. now you have some idea of who I am….So…. contact me….let’s chat!

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