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~ Jackson P ~


2018 SHS Senior


J.W.P is yet another one of my babies….  And I just.can’t.even….

This season is so exciting and so hard for me!


His momma and my husband became fast friends early in their college careers

and they’ve added us spouses and families over the years.

We’ve played together since all of the kids were born,

we’ve laughed and cheered at games and triumphs

and cried at loss together.

Our kids’ birthdays are close together

and we’ve followed the same sports circles in the Snohomish Valley,

so our two families are like the 6 degrees of separation  that covers  Ellensburg to Bellingham!


I know that Jackson’s humble easy going style along with his kind servant’s heart

will lead him on great adventures.

Travel far…. and don’t forget your way home kid.

It’s been a privilege to be your “Auntie Didi” handsome boy.

Love you much Jackson William!


Didi V.


~ Max H. ~


2018 JHS Senior


How are we here  already?!?!?!!?

Max’s parents were our good friends and co-workers way before any of us had thought about having kids….

We spent most of weekends together in the same group of friends-

then we found out we were expecting and our due dates were days apart, our baby showers were opposite weekends…

Our kids were baby besties …. then toddler playmates…

And then they had to relocate for work…..

{insert sad face here}

We were so sad when they moved to Arizona.

We’ve connected on visits and stayed in touch-

and it’s so good to have them back home where they belong.


Smart, good looking and a wry sense of humor…

Can’t wait to see where you go kiddo!!  Good luck – I know you’ll do great!



Didi V.


  • Leessa Hughes - Thank you so much Didi! there was no question as to who would take Max’s pictures – It had to be you – xoxoReplyCancel

~ Annika G. ~


LSHS Senior 2018


Annika  and those eyes….. good gravy those eyes!

We dodged the drops and had so much fun in the craziest of places.

This beauty is well on her way  as she’s already attending college while in high school!

She’s a lady with a plan folks!

Go get ’em lovely!!!!

{It’s been a pleasure watching her grow up the last 12 years with my daughter of the same name!}


Didi V.



~ Cole H. ~


SHS 2018 Senior


Handsome guy Cole is a Senior this year.

I have shot baseball photos of him in years past and remember him

being a  cute kid…. but I hadn’t seen him in a few years…

HOLY handsome!

His good looks are just the icing on the cake with this laid back outdoorsy guy-

His warm manners, giant hugs and hilarious sense of humor

make him a laugh riot to hang out with.

Enjoy this year kiddo – go get ’em!


Didi V.

Rachael P


2018 LSHS Senior


Beautiful Rachael… yet another one of “our kids”….

Rachael played  Little League and school ball with my girls for years,

but changed directions an threw herself into the arts.

She decided to dive head-long… {pun intended} into music,

playing and thriving on multiple instruments in school and community productions.

Enjoy your Senior year love- and best of luck as you start your next steps!



Didi V.




2018 LSHS Senior


Yet another one of my babies….. it doesn’t get easier with any of these posts this season….

Syd – the – kid has played softball for my husband since early little league.

She and my girls have played on and off the field for a decade that has just vaporized.

This girl is funny, smart and beautiful.

I know she’ll succeed no matter where she lands!


Be good Squidney- we love you!


Didi V.


Andrew M


2018 LSHS Senior


Andrew was an adorable little kid….

{He’s another of the 2018 Seniors that I’ve had the privilege of keeping tabs on since Pre-K.}

But I hadn’t seen him recently….

and I was in awe of JUST how handsome he has become!

He’s in incredibly humble and denies the similarities in his looks to a certain movie star….

but a jaw-line and eyes like that have star power…..

Good luck – Go be amazing kid!


Didi V.


Garrett B


2018 LSHS Senior


G-Man is a Music man and came prepared with 4 gorgeous guitars to his session….

they are a HUGE part of his life.

I love when seniors bring special items to their sessions!!!


I should be getting used to the shock I keep feeling this season- but wow….

All of these kids that I’ve watched grow up are turning into such talented, amazing, beautiful adults.

Garrett is no exception.

Go make beautiful music and make the world a better place kiddo- I love you!


Didi V.


I made a quick layover in the Lewis-Clark Valley on a recent trip back home

through Idaho,  so that I could visit friends and family on a trip with my own daughters.


It’s always a bonus when I get to take photos of one of my dearest families.

There was a scheduling snafu on the first leg of our trip and they graciously

had us crash at their home….. We were overwhelmed at their generosity.

It was SO fun to hang out, talk music and sports, play and catch up with the three of them-

Dinner rocked – they were AMAZING hosts!!!

We can’t thank them enough!!!!! <3


Little Arayna is a going-places-kind-of-girl…

I can’t believe how grown-up she seemed this year…..

Look out world- she’ll be kicking booty and taking names soon enough!

I loved chasing the bunny rabbit and lurking in the Lily pads with you…

Can’t wait until next year guys!!!!!


Didi V.





2018 LSHS Senior


Handsome man Palmer and his best friend

met up with me for a quick Senior session in the setting sun recently.

Everything about them was laid back.

I’m sure wherever his journey takes him- he’ll land on his feet!

Best of luck kiddo!!!


Didi V.

Summer ’17



It’s Summer and it’s time for family photos!!!!

I adore Mike and Erin.

And I have been taking their family photos since the Summer they were officially becoming a family…..

So, I am always stoked to see the kids and catch up on their new milestones.

As a bonus- I get to see Mike and Erin’s families too!!!!

I love moments with grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, too!

These kids will be able to look back at so many great images with their whole family.


Thanks for choosing me guys!


Didi V.

The P-fam


Time has a funny way of getting away from us, you know?

I hadn’t seen this sweet family in a couple of years

and just couldn’t believe how much growth the twins had achieved.

They are so talkative and wild and perfectly wonderful-

And their family is blessed to have them.

So great to see you all-

Not so long in between visits next time!


Didi V.





Mason and his family relocated away from Lake Stevens a little while back,

So he didn’t get to graduate with his classmates at LSHS.

While on his Senior trip this Summer, he made a stop back home and to his grandparents place on the Lake.

I was able to catch up with him at their place and get photos with him and

the family “project”.

I almost didn’t recognize the ‘ol truck with the new Candy Apple Red paint!!!

She was lookin’ fine!


All three of the McGinn boys have had photos taken with their grandpa’s truck in it’s various stages of completion.

{Not gonna lie…….It makes for a pretty sweet prop…}

It was great to see Mason and hear about how his journey is going-

I wish this sharp-minded math guy the best of luck at University this Fall!!!


Didi V.



The Pratt Family

Summer 2017


This life keeps rolling along,  seasons change,  our kids grow-up and before you know it-

they are heading off on their own to create the next chapter in their own book.


The Pratt family wanted to bookmark just such an occasion

as their daughter and new son-in-law depart to the East Coast  to begin their life there.

Their older son heads back for the hills in his chosen career and

their youngest gets ready to start school.


It’s so important to stop time- even it’s just for an hour  to make photos together.

More than any other mementos- photographs tell the story of who you are right now,

and what you want your family to know about you someday down the road.

Take the time. Make the memories. Take photos.

You’ll be glad you did!


Didi V.




Emily’s beau Daniel just graduated boot camp.

She’s moderately excited to see him….

He might be moderately excited to see her too….

Six months is a pretty long time…..

{insert heart emoji’s here….}


I had a great time capturing a tiny little snippet of their reunion in the delicious golden hour sun

back home where it all began…..

Daniel- thank you for your service.  Emily, thanks for inviting me into your lives.


Didi V.




Theodore is turning ONE.


This beautiful baby and his amazing family got together recently to celebrate.

His dads Charlie and Kevin were joined by the most loving group to shower them with love

and lots of hugs.

Even though I had just met them- I felt like I had known them forever.


The sun shone brightly that day on all of the love that surrounds him.

You couldn’t ask for a more scenic view

than the gorgeous grounds that the  Seattle Tennis Club offers.

And those cupcakes from A Touch of LUV Cakes- AMAZING!


I look forward to more adventures together .


Didi V.

2017 LSHS Grad

Nick B


Today’s post starts with an old red car.

The old car belonged to my subject’s grandfather.

It is near and dear to his heart because it was the first Brand New vehicle his grandfather ever purchased,

and he and Nick and Nick’s daddy have loved and cared for it their whole lives.

Many of Nick’s memories of growing up with his grandfather- center around this car

so it seemed fitting that he include it in his Senior photos, on the family farm.

Nick broke out his Tux and we had some 007 fun

as we walked and talked about growing up in this family

on the outskirts of suburbia.

Enjoy the journey  that lies ahead of you Nick –

Stay sharp kiddo!


Didi V.

2017 Miss Aquafest Royalty


The Lake Stevens Aquafest is just around the corner this Summer!

Time for Summer sun, carnival fun, parades and community.


And that Summer fun will be led in part by your  2017 Miss Aquafest Royalty.

These ladies are not just pretty faces and great dresses-

They are musicians, artists, scholars, athletes and community stewards.

This court puts in an INCREDIBLE amount of community service hours- not just with

public appearances but volunteer work that they do in and around Snohomish County.

They have four “Lifetime” Queens who are former Aquafest Queens who remain on in the court

as as active members of the Program and consistent Community stewards,

helping lead their younger peers.


Their program directors are the hard working and ever vigilant Christine Egelstad and Dixie Behn.


If you are looking for a great family friendly activity next month- come out and join them!

Baby Oliver


It’s funny how life moves along….

It seems like I just met this little girl named Rhianna and her family (that was 11 years ago, LOL!)

… and then before I knew it- I was taking her senior photos…..

and then  I blinked-

And now that adorable little freckle-faced  girl- is now a gorgeous young woman who met that “someone”

and now SHE’s a momma!!!!!

Meet this sweet baby boy named Oliver and his folks….




Didi V

Andrew E


Class of 2017


Oh this boy……

and his family….

I just heart them so very much!!!!

Andrew is  brilliant and funny and has eyes that will melt your sneakers.

{Seriously- they really are that cool!}

He’s a gamer, athlete, mathematician, musician and robotics geek in the VERY best way possible…

So if he hasn’t kicked your bootie with martial arts… he can bend your brain with mathematics- true story!

Annnndddd…. in addition to being sharply dressed- the man has been known to wear Viking horns…. so he’s a guaranteed good time!

He’s decided he loves the LSHS Purple and Gold so much that he’ll continue to sport  them at the UW this Fall!!!


On a totally personal note- I am so NOT surprised at your amazing accomplishments…

You are one of the smartest humans I know- and I’m so excited to see how you use those powers for good and change the world.

HUGE momma bear hugs kid- love ya!!!


Didi V


I met Christine and her sweet family while I was in Las Vegas Last month.

We have a mutual friend who put us together- and I’m so glad she did.

The weather was crazy chaos with lots of wind- but we used it to our advantage in the soft hazy Nevada desert.

I can’t wait for our next adventure guys!


Didi V.


Gillian E – 2017 LSHS Senior


Gillian loves her Hawks, playing golf and kicking school work’s back-side.

Don’t let her laid back style fool you,

This young lady is a mighty girl academically and athletically,

and with amazing hair and eyes like hers…..

this quiet rock star will have no problem leading the way in her future!

Much luck and love beauty!


Didi V.


The iconic look of the crisp, and unpredictable weather of the PNW.


I met up with the Porter family this Winter on a gorgeous sunny morning near the Mukilteo ferry.

It was sunny and clear with very cold gusts of wind…. and a killer view of the Olympics.

We were laughing and catching upon life when we decided to walk down the trail a bit to see if we could catch a break with the icy wind gusts…

All of a sudden- the sky just opened up and started pelting us with angry hail and pouring sleet!!!!

We were damned if we did- damned if we didn’t….

Even if we made a run for the cars to change locations… we were already soaked….

Sooooo we just kept playing in the rain.

{If you can’t laugh at your self….. well life is pretty danged dull, right}

We were cold and wet- but we had great giggles.


I arranged for the family to meet up with me a few weeks later to re-shoot when we weren’t all soaked and the weather finally let up on the winter wetness.

We had an equally fun time tip-toeing through the muddy field- but the soft golden grasses and gentle Winter sunlight made for delicious light around all of the beautiful that is this family.

Thanks for playing along with my crazy guys!

Big hugs!!!


Didi V.


I love the above original photo- but I had to do a crop so we can all appreciate the amazingness that is Rachael’s eyes below…. and the HUGE raindrops….

I think that whomever Courtney got this lip color from- should name it “Courtney Red” because she rocked it best!

What a difference a few weeks can make in the weather!

Sister giggles are the best!

{I LOVE their matching sister-necklaces}


Retired Navy dad…. need I say more?

The family that plays together… stays together <3

Tracy and Adam



Tracy and Adam got hitched…. in every sense of the word!

This sweet couple wanted an intimate gathering  with family and close friends in a place that is their second home.

French Creek Stables is where their 4-legged kids live and train and many of their friends gather regularly,

So it seemed a logical place to get married!

From the crazy weather, and horse drawn carriages, to the emotional toasts, to the incredible cakes- it was  such a great day!

{AND…. I got the chance to work with my daughter as my assistant for the day = double bonus!!!}


Thanks for having for having Gabbi and me there to capture your day guys- it was a blast!


Didi V.


The Z-Fam


Oh the Z-fam… good gravy they are just so damned beautiful… seriously.

I adore that it’s not about the posed images with them….

Even if baby V was  having a “shy” day…. it was still ‘a day in the life’ journalistic magic.

A sublime break of magic light in a day that had been less than fair,

the last kisses of Fall color , Man’s best friend and some super pretty humans = greatness in my book.

Thanks for choosing me guys…. I cannot wait for our next adventures in your new City!!!


Didi V.


Sarah – 2017 Lindberg SHS Senior


Beautiful, beautiful Sarah……

There’s just something about a girl & her guitar that just “gets” me….

Sarah’s a music girl and I LOVE that she incorporated her passion

for sound at every turn during her recent senior session!

It’s part of her heartbeat- if she’s not making music- she’s listening to it….

it’s like Oxygen… you need it to breathe…. I understand that at the very core of my being, also.


We were dodging rain drops this day- and it was a dark, heavy sky – but her insanely cool eyes

and that peacock hair brightened up my day!  We ruled this PNW weather!!!

Go rock the world girl!


Didi V.


BBG family 2017


All because two people fell in love….

David and Helen have much to be proud of  with this group!

We got the whole group together for some fun Fall photos, some rain, some sunshine and lots of  giggles!

I look forward to next year’s adventures!


Didi V.


Porter Family 2017


Oh!  All of those Porter boys and those eyes!!! And don’t forget their pretty, pretty momma!


Not only are just yummy to look at…

Brian and Sarah are hilarious to hang out with and  Mason and Grant

are the definition of way-too-cute-for-their-own-good….

and obviously loved beyond measure!!!!


Good times were had- even in the rain for this session because they are so fun and always up for an adventure!

Can’t wait until our next one!!!


Didi V.


Katie – 2017 RHS Senior


Beautiful Katie.

Katie is the niece of one of my dearest high school friends.

Through him, I have met his extraordinary extended family,

Who, now… in a weird and wonderful way, have sort of become my own.

I love them dearly in a way I can’t really explain.


Katie is an amazingly articulate, graceful and wise-beyond-her years teen.

Her ease and maturity would make you think she’s already graduated from college-

Her stunning looks are just an added bonus to her kind heart.

She’s a responsible daughter, sweet big sister, elegant dancer and good student-

who could possibly want for more!

Go set the world on fire baby girl- I can’t wait to see what you do!!!!


Didi V.

  • Sean - I love these. You captured my niece so beautifully. Love you sis. We may not share blood but there is no doubt you are my family.ReplyCancel

The Austins


Mardee & Darren are just the coolest.

And they have the most amazing home and yard in Magnolia

and as an added bonus…

they have the View from Ella Bailey Park just across the street!

Add to that to two of the sweetest pups ever…

you get a magical afternoon in Seattle.

Thanks for choosing me guys!


Didi V.



My dear friend Courtney met up with me recently for a weekday beauty session.

We shot in old downtown- during business hours in the hustle and bustle,

and JUST beat the rain in a rare patch of sunshine that lasted just long enough for us.

Courtney is following her heart and breaking out into new business ventures and this was the perfect time to create new images for her new website!

Go get ’em love- I know you’re going to do great things!!!


Didi V.

The Russell Family


I met the sweet Russell family on a very raining, windy and wet morning in Mukilteo recently.

I honestly thought we would have to reschedule-

but they were brave and  suddenly it stopped raining and we embraced the wind

and we made exploring the  empty beach, armed with bubble wands look it was no big deal.

They were a whole lot of wholesome beautiful and I look forward to new adventures with them!


Didi V.



The Kelley family 2016


The Kelley family had me over to their place for their yearly photo visit recently.

Scotty and Lizzie have grown about a foot since last year

and are just so fun to talk to and play with!

Daphne & Brett looked wonderful as usual and they could give a class on

“What to Wear” for a photo session…..

I LOVED their outfits!!!

We added bubbles this time, because… why not?  Bubbles make everything more fun!

‘Til next Fall guys!


Didi V.

The M-fam gets a rock-star award for playing in the rain with me….

We had plans of hazy, back-lit photos….. and it was alternating between just windy and straight-up monsoon down-pour…..

but were brave and went for it- and i’m so glad we did!

This family is  easy and fun, athletic and out-doorsy so the rain wasn’t going to bother them!

And I LOVE that they used one of their racing bikes, because its a big part of their lives!

Can’t wait for next time and new adventures!


Didi V.

Ame ~ SHS 2017 Senior


Amelia is a senior.

{That ranks right up there with having to say that my own kid is a senior… which is coming faster than I can bear..}

I’ve known Ame’s family since before she was born…. back when all of us parents were first getting married

and doing grown-up things like buying homes and cars, having kids and landing grown-up jobs and building our own companies.

Our families have seen and been a part of so much of each other’s lives for 20+ years…..

and yet I’m still not ready to admit that she’s old enough to be a senior.

I’ve watched this smarty little blue eyed sprite grow into such an amazing woman!

She’s humble, intelligent, kind, compassionate, athletic…. the list goes on….

Beautiful is simply the icing on the cake.

No need to wish you luck baby girl…. I know you’ve got it handled.

Love you kiddo- so proud of you!


Didi V.


  • Luann - Beautiful work Didi. You captured the wonderfulness inside and out of our precious Ame. No one could have done it better. These photos made me cry,she grew up way too fast!ReplyCancel


I was so excited to hear from Sally that she wanted family photos, after I shot Maggie’s senior portraits!

I got to roll back out to their sweet little farm and hang out with the whole family this time.

They definitely hold the corner on beautiful at their little slice of Heaven

out behind Snohomish with their three kids and a barnyard full of fury friends.

All this… because two people fell in love……

Thanks T-fam… see you next summer!


Didi V.

M o r e   i n f o